Hi! thanks for coming here.

I am Saurabh and in one line, I exist to inspire a billion people to live better. Or like I like to say, push people out of their comfort zones. So that they can do more than what they’re doing. Assuming they want to do more.

I do this by…

  • inspiring them with my actions — my work, things I am working towards, my hobbies and other projects that I cook often.
  • writing things, in an attempt to open the “third eye” of the readers.
  • trying and giving my shoulders to others to stand on. I work with youngsters to translate their ideas into tangible businesses.
  • ‘paying forward’ everything (and more) that I received as generous gifts when I was growing up.

My Ethos
I live my life by a certain code. C4E‘s Culture book is a great proxy for that code. If I were to pick a few words, I’d say long-term thinking, communities, partnerships, counter-establishment, make meaning, enable and others.

Apart from this, I aim to reach on the top of the Mt. Everest and have a billion dollars (US) in cash (or equivalent) before Jan 1, 2026.

What keeps me up at night?
Here are a few questions.

  1. Who can I serve?
  2. How do I make that first billion while I serve others?
  3. Once I make that money, how soon can I scale my efforts to change the world?

yes, I do take myself very seriously.

And while I may be stuck up on a lot of things, I remain a WIP. I plan to remain like that till I die.

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