Notes from my drafts folder – 11 Jan 2024

A random rant that I felt like publishing on my blog. Read if you’d like to.

I have this drafts folder in my notes that I update thru the day. I take note of things – some important, some random, some to be used temporarily, some to be sent into my permanent storage (Roam at this time). Most days as I end the day, I delete this note and move on.

However, yesterday I wrote a note and I realised if I made this public, it would probably nudge me to be a tad better. How? Well, it would make me journal what I think and how I think. I would make me live more in public. And it would help me become more conscious about how I live. Making it public would be a good method for me to ensure that my thoughts, actions and reality are in coherence.

Here’s the post (very very lightly edited to remove personal details of others)…

1/ Its 4. Jsut woke up. Havent slept well in last 3 days. Random XXX crisis – it sucks energy but I am hopeful that it will be better now that there’s a change at the top

2/ “co work” is good but actual productivity is lot less. At least for me. I get more things done when am with strangers at a coffee shop than my loved ones anywhere. so I will limit my trips to starbucks when others are around 

3/ beach at 545 everyday – I will do more of this. I am thinking of starting a tradition – each day when am there, we will talk about a lesson from life and generally talk and take it from there. not gyaan but how it is pertinent. I will try to invite people there. this is our version of party of 9. 

4/ am getting sucked in day to day things at C4E and thus havent thought about sog book, sog 2024, growth with c4e, dubai, BD etc. I need to be out of it 100%. I am 90% out to be honest. But I still do those things. 

5/ not working on health. need to action. Lemme do 5 knee push-ups and come back.

6/ back. did 10 knee-pushups

7/ I do my best work at morning. I need to probably end my days right after the walk at beach and a workout post that and readin. So, say beach by 630 – workout from 630 to 730 and then wind down. And wake up at 4 AM or whatever and work from home till 8 and move. 

This means I will have lesser metings that I would want to. And thats ok? I have people that I trust now that can take things forward 

8/ Need to work on personal brand. 

9/ Lot of parked ideas. Here’s a list…

  • Freelancer Creatives Agency – this is also an idea that XXX had told me last year – C may recall 
  • Third world hiring
  • Women hiring 
  • Some startup 

10/ read and was fascinated.

11/ when someone I love talks to me rudely for no reason and piles on me, I lose it. Brain stops braining. I don’t know what to do about this. I have to be in touch and I cant cut off. Some people understand. Some don’t. So that. 

12/ need to “hang out” less often. 

So that. The drafts folder. Lemme know what you think.

PS: I tried this when I lived in Goa during the pandemic. Here I am, again with it!

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