Intern with us. At The Podium.


One of the things that we want to do, while we try and make C4E synonymous with entertainment, is to give back. And pay it forward. While there are multiple ideas around how to do this, one of the things that we are really excited about is called The Podium.

What is The Podium?

In one line, The Podium is our attempt at creating a digital platform to aggregate and dissipate thoughts, opinions, guidebooks, whitepapers, research reports and other such information around the events and entertainment industry (in India to start with, and eventually Asia and beyond). Think of it as a friend for event managers, a guide for clients and a philosopher for everyone else.

Right now, its at an alpha stage. Some content is up already. More is on the way. And we need help! We are looking for a writing / editorial intern to help us with content on The Podium. Are you The One?

Whats In It For You?

Here’s a list. And in no order.

A. Learning. An opportunity to learn how to create a content business from scratch.

B. Credit. We believe in giving credit where its due.

C. Mentorship. We take super long-term perspective of things. 10 years if not less. So if you see yourself running magazines (in whatever shape they are around in 10 years), content business (could get delivered on any platform) or anything to do with entertainment, you can NOT miss this opportunity.

And yes, this IS a paid gig. Right now, we can afford to pay upto Rs. 5K a month. Plus expenses (phone, travel for work etc.).

What do we expect from you?

A. You are in Mumbai. While we want to do interesting things, we sincerely believe that teleconferencing, Skype calls or even VR can NOT replace a handshake. This bit is non-negotiable.

B. You have great command over English language. We dont really want grammar nazis but you must know how to communicate complex thoughts using English as a language.

C. You HATE bad formatting. Period.

D. You LOVE conducting research and interviews. This essentially means you would read a lot, talk a lot and then, write a lot! The best part? You get to meet interesting people while you conduct interviews.

How will we work?

You will work directly with our editor, Sanskriti Nagar. And once in a while you will need to talk to Saurabh and others at C4E.

The intent is to keep The Podium an independent publication (and hence limited interaction with Team C4E).

Location: You have an option of working from home. Or from one of the co-working spaces close to you. We’d pay for that. You choose.

If this excites you, please talk to Sanskriti Nagar or The Real SG. Find our coordinates. Good things don’t come easy.

And if this doesn’t, tell us who would be. And we’d reach out to them. Good karma, you know!

Thats about it. Thanks a ton!

P.S.: Before you apply, PLEASE do read our Culture Book.