La Casa De Papel-Money Heist


“Without a doubt, one of the best things I have seen in a long time.”

I remember being reluctant to watching this when a friend introduced me to the series and now look at me writing about it. Reason being I am not a fan of watching blood all over my screen but hell, I was so wrong and Money Heist proves this in such a brilliant way.

For people who don’t know-it is a series on Netflix, Spanish (you will have to rely on the subtitles), it will NOT disappoint you. I hate giving spoilers out as much as I hate receiving them so I will not dissect the whole thing, because trust me watching it is going to be so much fun, but I will tell you what the basic plot is. Because obviously.

Plot : A man, must be out his mind, gathers a team of criminals to execute a robbery at the Royal Mint of Spain, it is going to be the biggest robbery in the world and going to to make history, if only executed successfully, which is a big big ‘if only’. Please do not already think of the Ocean’s franchise, it will be unfair. Immediately the Intelligence Bureau is assigned with the case. It is a classic thief-cop-run-chase, and how.

It is amazing to watch how every event is perfectly timed with the unfolding of the characters, you are instantly on their side.

I believe it is one of the most difficult jobs to keep your audience on the edge with every frame and yet not let them anticipate what’s coming next. And talk about a suspense-thriller, how do you like something if you already have guessed the climax or expected what’s in store?

The entire story is distributed over 2 seasons (both available on Netflix). I remember watching the first season when the second was not out yet and OMG, you cannot imagine the wait I had to wait for the next season, to get all the answers. You will not understand because you are the lucky lot to have both together. Yayy. Don’t be surprised if you pull 2 all nighters in a row just so you cannot wait to see what happens next.

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Coming to what it has to offer : Screenplay and Direction, Experience, Performances, Entertainment, Impact.

  • Screenplay and Direction? I am in aw with all of it. I cannot even start to imagine the process of making it alive, right from developing the script to the execution of it. Strong depiction of all characters, not one is in anyway less than the other. Love it all.
  • Experience? The very fact that I went on and on about how amazing it is, is a proof to an amazing experience I had. It keeps you on the edge all the time, a craving that only the next episode will please.
  • Performances? Even though they don’t speak the language, you will instantly connect with them, you are on their side immediately. One of the marks of a good performer is when you don’t want nothing to go wrong with them, win over your empathy. My personal favourite-Nairobi and The Professor.
  • Entertainment? A binge-worthy watch. Suspense-thriller drama. You will love it 🙂
  • Impact? You will be sad once it is over and when you see there is no next episode to click on. Definitely leaves a void, a happy one though since you’re happy to have watched something amazing.

Every time I watch something like this, it makes me wonder how is it even possible for a thought (plot) to occur to the person it did? It is amazing to see it alive on screen. Watch it already now.

Ciao for now. See you soon!