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Hi! I am Saurabh!
And this is my corner of the Internet.
Wait. I own nothing.
This is the corner where I lurk at.

So, I am a typical 40-year-old that is yet to make it and yet refuses to give up. If you are new to my life, my world, here are a few links to get you started.

I believe that we are here as a result of some lucky accident and now that we are here, we ought to make the most of it. I do so by trying new things, learning from others, paying it forward as much as I can, and being of as much assistance to others as I can be. I love that I can solve whatever problem you may throw at me. I am resourceful like that.

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What am I up to now?
For a longish note, please see the Now page.

In short, I am a dreamer and doer at C4E.
C4E is a communications collective that exists to work with brands, businesses and individuals on creating effective punchy, long-lasting brands and communication. I am lucky to have an incredible team that works alongside me and ensures that C4E is a place where I “Tap Dance to work” every day.

I am a handyman at initiatives like LHV, The Podium, PPP, TRS, DD and more. I am a passive angel investor. I’ve run courses on note-taking, freelancing and more. I run a cohort-based writing course that I offer once a year. In 2023, we are in the third edition. You may read FAQs here.

My CV is available upon request

My social media profiles
Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Quora

I write a newsletter.
You may subscribe here.

Want to work with me?
Read this page where I have listed my ethos, quirks values and other such things. I take em VERY seriously and it’s imperative that anyone I work with is in complete agreement with them.

I am a big fan of living in public and I have written a blog since 2004. It was on blogger and remained there till 2021. The archive is here. Post Jan of 2021, I moved it to this website. You may read posts here.

This is it for the time being.
More in a few days.