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Hi! I am Saurabh!
And this is my corner of the Internet. Wait. I own nothing. This is the corner where I lurk at.

So, I am a typical 40-year-old that is yet to make it and yet refuses to give up. If you are new to my life, my world, here are a few links to get you started.

  • My social media profiles – Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram
  • My CV – Available on request
  • What am I up to now? – Now!
  • Want to work with me? – Read this page where I have listed my ethos, quirks values and other such things. I take em VERY seriously and it’s imperative that anyone I work with is in complete agreement with them.
  • I write a newsletter. You may subscribe here.
  • I wrote a blog from 2004 till about 2021. The archive is here. Post Jan of 2021, I moved it to this website. You may read posts here.

This is it for the time being. More in a few days.