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120321 – Morning Pages

Nothing special to report but I did not want to break the streak. Here we go.

6:39 AM. Andheri. Just woke up. Eyes are groggy and my neck hurts. Old age is a bitch! Yesterday was like any other day. Work. Walk. Dreams. Life has seemed to find a groove. It’s funny that life always does. When the lockdown happened, life was disrupted but it took a few days to get settled in the new reality. When I went to Goa, took me a few days to get in the groove. But I got into it. Now that I am here for 2 weeks, I think I am beginning to fall into the routine. Life’s amazing. Love it! Even if I am delt raw hands once in a while, it’s cool.

Onto morning pages. There’s nothing that I want to write today, for a change. May be I will take a break and write something in a bit?

Ok, so now I am at Starbucks at Powai. Had to come here because I had a meeting on this side of the town and I want to avoid all the traffic in Mumbai. Plus, I am wearing pants. And a shirt. I am literally spilling out of both of these. I have to do something about my size and weight. Plus, I am feeling bloated. I dont know why. I mean I eat all sort of crap but when I was a kid, I would never have these issues. Damn, old age!

I think an easy way to fix this is to reset the gut. A cursory glance at the Internet tells me that I can reset it simply by fasting for 72 hours and then eating things like probiotics, kombuchas, leafy veggies, and all that.

I am not sure if I can do 72, especially since I am supposed to be at Ashima’s tonight. Maybe 48? The last thing I ate was at 4 PMish yesterday. Let’s see if I can manage to not eat till at least 2 PM tomorrow (am a guest at Ashi’s place and I can’t force my shenanigans onto her family)!

Oh, I am also supposed to wear shoes (which I am dutifully carrying in a bag and will wear 10 minutes before the meeting) and thankfully I can’t spill out of those. Phew. Some silver lining at least. Chalo, let’s see how a day goes when am wearing legit clothes! The kinds normal people wear on normal days.

I think that’s about it. More ideas are not happening. Will probably take a break and come back tomorrow. Lemme report on the streaks. Here we go…

  • Morning Pages – 90
  • #aPicADay – XX (will count at some later date)
  • 10K steps a day – 3
  • OMAD – 1
  • #noCoffee – 3
  • #noCoke – 3
  • #book2 – 0 (I REALLY need to start on this!)

That’s about it. Over and out. See you guys tomorrow.

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