241021 – Morning Pages

Quick, short update about things at the top of my head.

10:19. Woke up a few minutes ago. Ya, I know it’s late. But then I slept late. And I haven’t been sleeping well for a while now. So there.

Anyhow. I dont have a lot of time today. Need to get going with the day. I am anyway running late. Here is the morning pages.

So, the thing at the top of my mind is the love for airports. I was at one yesterday. It was amazing to see so many genuine and authentic hugs at one place. I realised what human emotions could be. Although I am not sure why I dont see this genuineness at bus-stands, railway stations and other transit places. Any clues why?

The other thing that is worth cataloging on the morning pages is the fact that I am growing old. I mean I have said this a lot of time that I am old and all that. But yesterday I realised that age is catching up faster than what I had imagined. I had to stay up to finish something but I was unable to. I had I don’t know how much coke, coffee, water and all that and yet I could not stay up. Plus I am eating like a mad man. So may be that’s affecting me.

Anyhow. That’s about it. Here’s the journal.

  1. Emoticon: :|. While I have a lot on my mind, I am surprisingly calm. I need more of this!.
  2. Mindful Index (on a scale of 10): 1. Better than yesterday for sure. Need to make this better.
  3. Things that I am grateful for
    1. The fact that I am rushed and yet I have the time to write something on these morning pages.
  4. Things that would make my today greatJust one thing.
    1. I am gonna meet people from Team SG. So looking forward to it.
    2. There is no urgent meetings that I need to be at. So that’s great. I can plan my life and things 🙂
  5. A daily affirmation.
    I will be able to finish all the work that has been open for the last few days.
  6. Amazing things that happened yesterday? 
    1. I met my sis after almost 2 years. She’s here and while I havent spent time with her yet, I am hoping to. And while I do that, I need to find a lot of answers as a family when I do that. So that.
  7. What could have made yesterday better?
    1. If I could go home with my sis, it would have been amazing.
    2. The hotel I slept at last night was not the greatest. I need to find a better one for tonight.
  8. Quote for the day
    This one’s from Shawshank Redemption. It goes, “Some birds are just not meant to be caged.” Also see the video in case you havent. And in case you haven’t seen the film, you MUST. 

This is about it for the day. And here’s the streaks…

  • OMAD – 0
  • #book2 – 0
  • NOFAP – 0
  • #noCoke – 0. Had a few. Regular ones. Not Diet. Damn!
  • #noCoffee – 0. Had a LOT!
  • #aPicADay – 15. Yesterday’s here. It’s a shot of a Diet Coke. Partially because I couldnt click anything. Partially because I loved it!
  • Daily Journal – 17
  • Money spent – 3710
  • Killer Boogie – 0
  • 10K steps a day – 0
  • Surya Namaskar – 0
  • Daily Mail to #teamSG – 17
  • 10 mins of meditation – 0
  • Minimaslism Counter – -3 +1.
  • Morning Pages / Meditations – 17

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