About Saurabh Garg

Hi! I am Saurabh!

I believe that we all landed on Mother Earth as a result of a freak accident somewhere. We had no say on how it started and will probably have no say in how it will end, you know, Pale Blue Dot? But the time that we have here, how about we make the most of it? How about we become useful to each other and help each other grow? Become better? No?

What does Saurabh Garg do?

I am a marketer, writer, entrepreneur, event producer, published author, ghost-writer, (award-winning! yay!) short-film producer, podcaster, and angel investor. I’d love to be a multi-potentialite (aka polymath) someday.

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Right now, I produce and manage events and do brand / marketing consulting at C4E. At C4E, our clients range from large multinationals to startups to communication agencies that need specialized thinking on their clients. My work is at the intersection of brand, digital, customer insights, future-gazing, purpose, and more. Let me know if you are grappling with an super kamagra interesting problem that may need additional hands heads.

And I am a handyman at The PodiumPurple Pencil Project, Red Carbon, Decoding Draupadi and more. In the past, I helped run The Red SparrowGrey Pixel, ImmerseGo, Long Haul Ventures, and more.

I think the best when I am writing. And when I make bulleted lists.

  • My personal blog is a giant repository of my thoughts. Been at it since 2004. Lately have started to write on this website.
  • I wrote a book, The Nidhi Kapoor Story, in 2014. I am working on the next book, tentatively titled The Caravan Serai. Hope to get the first draft out by end of this year. Oh, I am also trying to adapt these into film scripts! Know some great producer / directors? 
  • I have written a few essays and opinion pieces. One of them was even published by a (subscription-only) business news portal.
  • I also love to write letters! SoG is a series where I send frequent letters to friends and strangers and talk about things that I find interesting. You can subscribe to it here. Some interesting pieces are here.

At some point in life, I want to be a photographer. Some photos are here.

What keeps Saurabh up at night?

I am a proud Jack of multiple trades. And thus, I am interested in way too many things. Some of those are cryptocurrency, culture, evolution, longevity, minimalism, networking, philosophy, photography, poker, psychology religion, technology, travel, writing.

No, this is NOT a comprehensive list. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to make one. My interests are way too wide!

And, no I am not an expert. I am just a person who is insanely curious and likes to merely know the names of things (and not know things). Dr. Feynman would probably turn in his grave.

What’s up on SaurabhGarg.com?

On this website, I catalog…

  1. Ideas that I find interesting
  2. Talk about various experiments that I cook up
  3. Write about things that I want to learn about
  4. Speak on issues that I care for
  5. And often I dump the thoughts that are clouding my head.

Hope these make sense to you. Hope you go back richer, smarter, more informed. Hope you get what you are looking for. Here. And in life.

Where can you contact Saurabh Garg?

Like all other millennials, I am active on various SM channels. I hang out a lot on Twitter, followed by Instagram and then, email.

I also have a Linkedin account, in case.

And why would you want to reach me?

Well, I have been incredibly lucky to have had tons of people who gave me their shoulders to stand on and see further. Now, I have reached a point where I have developed this worldview. And I believe the world-view could help others to stand on my shoulders!

In simple language, I am happy if you use me as a bouncing board, counsel, trusted aide, consultant, etc. No, I don’t charge for this. All I expect is you will pay it forward.

In the end, thank you for reading this. May you live long and prosper!

Regards and Gratitude,

Saurabh Garg

PS: This too shall pass.

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