Hi! I am Saurabh!

I believe that we all landed on Mother Earth as a result of a freak accident somewhere. We had no say on how it started and will probably have no say in how it will end. But the time that we have here, how about we make the most of it? How about we become useful to each other and help each other grow? Become better? No?

On this website, I catalog ideas that I find interesting, talk about various experiments that I cook up, write about things that I want to learn about, speak on issues that I care for. And often I dump the thoughts that are clouding my head.

Hope these make sense to you. Hope you go back richer, smarter, more informed. Hope you get what you are looking for. Here. And in life.

What do I do?

I produce and manage events at C4E. I am a handyman and co-founder at Purple Pencil Project, The Red Sparrow, Grey Pixel and Red Carbon Productions.

I write a letter every day to select friends. The archive is here. You may want to subscribe to these letters here.

I wrote The Nidhi Kapoor Story in 2014. I am working on the next book, tentatively titled The Caravan Serai. Hope to get the first draft out by end of this year. Oh, I am also trying to adapt these into film scripts! Know some great producer / directors?

What keeps me up at night?

Like I tell the world, I am a proud Jack of all trades. And thus, I am interested in way too many things. Some of those are cryptocurrency, culture, evolution, longevity, minimalism, networking, philosophy, photography, poker, psychology religion, technology, travel, writing. No, this is NOT a comprehensive list. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to make one.

And, no I am not an expert. I am just a person that is insanely curious and likes to merely know the names of things (and not know things).

Where can you reach me?

While I am on Linkedin and Facebook and Instagram and most places where you expect people to lurk at, the best way to reach me is on twitter. You may also use this form to leave anonymous inputs / feedback to me.