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Inspired by Derek Sivers, this is where I share what I am working on now (last updated in Mar 2024)!

So, I am working on a million things at any given point in time. While listing all those would defeat the purpose, on this page, I will list things that I need help with.

I am working on, and need help with the following.

In no order…

➡️ C4E.
Along with a tiny, hand-picked team of great people, am working on making C4E one of the leading marketing services companies. In the words of my colleague Pooja, we want to “help build a brand that becomes a verb.” Come entrust your brand with us. Here’s a promise to you and your team!

Oh, I am building C4E in public. Here’s a list of open challenges that I need help with.

➡️ My second book.
My first one is here.
I have been planning to write this one for almost 6 8 10 years now. And I’ve had multiple false starts but thanks to the lockdown, I am committed. I have given myself an internal deadline of the end of the year (2024) to get the publishable draft ready. Let’s see where we go from here.

To help me with it, I started #lfwc2, a cohort of other writers that is helping each other out. I ran that in 2023 as well (#lfwc3). I want to do a 4th edition but I dont know when. Let’s see. I am also looking for beta readers (aka guinea pigs to test-read the content and give me feedback). In case you are interested, please let me know.

➡️ I am a shoulder to the following…

  1. Purple Pencil Project
  2. Red Carbon Films
  3. Decoding Draupadi

By shoulder, I mean that I play a supporting role while independent teams at these run the business on a day-to-day basis.

More about me is on my LinkedIn.

Projects that I want to work on but I am unable to get traction…

➡️ Long Haul Ventures.
I was active on this in 2022. I have put this on hold.
We want to help first-time founders raise capital and create connections. A lot is under development right now. Let’s see how it shapes.

➡️ NotesForGrowth.
Along with a couple of friends, I used to run this initiative where we wanted to help others take better notes. From last year, “between the three of us, we have seen this insane transformation that better notes can bring about. We want to share that method. And the madness. We offer free sessions to individuals and paid workshops for companies. Help us get access to these companies that may want to improve how their companies work!”

In the past, I have worked on the following…

In no order…

➡️ Ghostwritten a business book (told in an autobiographical manner) that is a national bestseller. Edited a couple of other books. Each of them is a best seller.

➡️ Helped The Red Sparrow take wings. I moved on from it in Mar 2024.

➡️ The Podium.
We wanted to be among the best podcasting networks in the world. However, after 3+ years of effort, Akshay and I realised that it is not the most optimal use of our time. In March of 2024, we decided to take it slow.

That’s about it.

Thanks for reading,

First created on 14-SEP-20.
Last updated on 27-NOV-22.
Last updated on 18-JAN-24.
Last updated on 4-MAR-24.

Other things that I have done in the past.
I will maintain a list of changes I make on this page here. This will hopefully become a running biography.

14 Sep 2020: Initiated the page.
25 Jun 2021: Added Long Haul.
10 Feb 2022: Added C4E and #lfwc2.
18 Jan 2024: Made tiny changes.
4 Mar 2024: Made tiny edits

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