210221 – Morning Pages

Quick note on work, notes, fitness. Nothing special.

7:06. Lokhandwala.

I am writing this from where I live. No, I cant call it home. There’s nothing there that could be home-like. Ok, that’s way too somber a thought to start the day. Lemme change tracks.

The non-stop work that I have been inundated with doesn’t seem to end. The long list of things that I need to work on is still staring back at me like a spider hanging from a corner. It doesn’t bother you per se but the lingering presence takes headspace. And while the tiny spider and invisible thread it is hanging from do not change per se, the size of the spider seems to grow in your head. Slowly but gradually. And to a point that all your head sees is the spider. And then it pushes away all the other things that you need your head to contain. You know, work, life, people, friends etc.

The long list of things that I need to work on is still WIP. There’s so much to do that it’s not funny. And every passing day, the list seems to grow. Which is ok. Work never hurt anyone. Doesn’t hurt me either. I think am moving in the rant zone. I have promised myself to not rant.

Let me move to the next thing.

The last few days (since I am in Mumbai), I have been using a physical notepad. I think I have not used a notepad since November. And I realized the secret to my freakish productivity output is a physical, actual note. I operate FAR better when I take notes on an actual notebook and not on a computer. In fact, taking effective notes has been my superpower and I have sort of stopped taking those when I started working on the move while in Goa. It was so powerful and life-changing for me that I started sharing my notetaking secrets with people (via Notes4Growth). I think it’s time to get back to a physical notepad, NFG, and more such things.

So that. Oh, I’ve been using mobile data last few days for working from here in Mumbai. And it works like a charm! I never realized that something as basic as the Internet could give me such peace of mind. I missed this while in Goa. Yeah yeah. I have spilled enough pixels on it.

In other news, the love for lo-fi continues. Here’s the track of the day.

What else? Yeah! Yesterday I was at a friend’s place and she had this full-length mirror and I realized that I have put on serious weight. To a point that I could notice the bulge smile back at me. This is probably why I am being so lethargic. This is what I need to probably change. I need to do something about my weight and food and health. I can NOT die young. There are way too many things I need to do! I think I can stop with all the eating out at all hours. May be it’s the work stress? I don’t know. Let’s see. Will act on this.

I think I have been making this promise to get fit for more than 10 years now. 🙁

I will stop here. Need to rush to a Starbucks and get started with the day. No, I haven’t worked on #book2 in more than 15 days now (I think). Which is ok. I don’t want to be harsh about it. There are other things that I need to work on. I hope I get back to the book soon enough. Like I said yesterday, I need to make ends meet and I hate the fact that I am ignoring things and I need to fix it.

Over and out! See you guys tom.

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